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Illin Beat Productions is now one of the best places to get industry quality rap beats, as well as EDM and Pop tracks. We are a grass roots record label / entrepreneur power house!! The label has been putting out mixtapes for quite sometime now, but we have recently shifted our main focus to full on production. Producing some of the best collective arrangements of sound there is to offer!

Looking for a new beat or instrumental for your next project? Well look no further, we've got you covered! Constantly updating our portfolio of beats and instrumentals, theres something for everyone. Whether making a new beat tutorial or demonstration for youtube or instagram, we have our ear to the street! Staying up with current trends and sounds as well as pioneering new ones. Inturn helping artist develop there own sound. We are always in the lab cooking up new music and developing new tools and ideas, as well as drum kits and production tools.. So join in on the action, and let us be apart of your next project. Feel free to send us any questions or comments via our contact page..

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